Đuro Đaković

Industry and Energetics

The business area Industry and energetics includes the whole manufacturing programme of the company Đuro Đaković Industrijska rješenja d.d. and part of the products and services of the company Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o.
Industry and Energetics

This business area offers and provides the following services: planning/design of products and entire plants, EPC project management, maintenance, manufacture and assembly of pressure equipment, large components, steel structures and valves for the oil industry.

We offer products/equipment and perform works in the following areas:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Energetics
  • Cement industry
  • Food industry

Đuro Đaković group manufactures equipment and whole plants for oil and gas industry (oil tanks with the capacity up to 100.00 m3, gas containers up to 10.000 m3, pipelines up to 48“, pressure vessels, separators for oil and gas, columns, reactors, heat exchangers, etc.)

With the development of petrochemical industry, the company was engaged in construction of petrochemical plants in the region of South East Europe (Sisak, Rijeka, Bosanski Brod).

Today Đuro Đaković group provides services of installing new equipment in oil refineries, as well as reconstruction of the existing plants.

In the last two years we have delivered two pressure vessels – columns for the Rijeka refinery. One of them was made out of high-quality carbon steel, its mass is 62 tonnes and height 25,2 meters, while the other column was made out of steel plate, weighs 22 tonnes and is 27 meter high. We have also made a carbon steel pressure vessel for the Sisak refinery. This column weighs 17,3 tonnes and is 17,3 meters high. The columns were made according to the Croatian Regulations on pressure equipment and by using American ASME standards that are usually applied in petrochemical industry.

In the area of energetics, we design plants, procure, install and commission high-quality components and offer maintenance of energy plants operating on conventional or renewable energy sources, as well as components for wind power plants. Our last reference is construction of two cogeneration plants (for production of electric and thermal energy) on biomass in Osijek and in Sisak. Our work on offering further quality solutions in the area of renewable energy sources has brought us a new job of building geothermal power plant „Velika1“ near Bjelovar. Đuro Đaković continues investing in energy projects that increase the share of renewable energy sources, energy that protects the resources and is efficient and environmentally friendly.

We are present in the cement industry by making parts and equipment for cement plants (cement mills, rotary kilns, etc.) and we offer overhaul and reconstruction services. We have manufactured and delivered two heaviest cement mills in our manufacturing plants, one weighing 142 tonnes, the other weighing 134 tonnes.

In the food industry we have built entire plants for the food industry (sugar factories, fruit-and-vegetable-processing factories, etc.). we also manufacture important components for sugar production, such as: vacuum pans, diffuse towers, juice filters, juice heaters, mixers, etc.

In addition to the above, Đuro Đaković group has participated in a significant number of projects in Croatia in the construction of metal structures. Our newer reference in the area is the construction of Buzin train station and part of the Čiovo bridge.

Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. has a long experience in the oil programme, where it offers manufacture and repair of oil pumps, deep well pump reducers, vents and reinforcements and wellheads. Overhaul of deep well oil pump reducers consists of control, manufacture of parts, processing and finishing. The company produces oil pumps of the type: 912-365-168, 320-256-120, 160-143-74.

After becoming the API 6A certificate for manufacture of borehole valves for oil fields, Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. has successfully extended the licence to the production of wellheads and Christmas trees and related equipment. More recently, the company has started production of pellet production lines for making pellets out of biomass, according to the specific requirements of the customers.