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Patria AMV Wheeled Armoured Modular Vehicle

Info_rs : Patria AMV Wheeled Armoured Modular Vehicle

Patria AMV Wheeled Armoured Modular Vehicle is the best combination of superior mobility, outstanding protection, excellent firepower and interoperability. The vehicle family has been fielded e.g. in ISAF-operation since 2007 with excellent user feed-back. Đuro Đaković Defence, as the strategic partner of Patria Oy is fully prepared and certified for production of armoured modular vehicles AMV 8x8, open-architecture, adjusted to specific customer requests, including integration of weapon system and related special equipment choosen by the customer; and maintenance of AMV 8x8 vehicles in our own or in customer's facilities, including ILS

Typical basic configurations :
•AIFV-30, Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle, 30 mm automatic gun
•AIFV-12.7, Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle, 12,7 mm machine gun
•AICV, Armoured Infantry Command Vehicle
•AAV, Armoured Ambulance Vehicle
•ARRV, Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle
•ATGMV, Anti Tank Guided Misile Vehicle

The latest addition to the avaiable configurations is the unbeatable concept – a Croatian version of Patria AMV 8x8 vehicle equipped with Kongsberg`s PROTECTOR Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station. This stabilized, high precision PROTECTOR Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station, with its high-end sensor solutions and servo systems is a state of the art remote turret system. The medium calibre automatic cannon and coaxial machine gun provides the necessary tools to engage in a wide spectrum of situations. The availability of having two ammunition types simultaneously gives the flexibility to configure the system to engage both soft and hard targets beyond 3,000 meters. The optional commander's sight independent Weapon Station gives the commander an independent surveillance and lethal/non-lethal engagement capability and enables the hunter/killer capability.

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