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Main Battle Tank Program

Đuro Đaković Defence offers services of development, production and/or integration of new, NATO interoperable systems of new generation designed for enhancement of the existing M-84/T-72 tanks and/or integration of the new tanks that, through digitalization and interconnection of the key MBT systems, create hunter-killer capability and ensure compatibility and interoperability between new and enhanced tanks.
Main Battle Tank Program includes:

  • M-84 & M-84A basic MBT (in MBT Fleet of some countries in ex.Yugoslavia-teritory),
  • M-84AB MBT (upgraded M-84, exported to State of Kuwait and customized to Kuwait Army),
  • M-84A4 MBT (upgraded M-84 for Croatian Armed Forces), and
  • M-84D – DEGMAN MBT, new modernized version developed according to requests for new and/or modernized MBT for Croatian Armed Forces / Croatian MoD.

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